Galveston County church targeted by criminals

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

DICKINSON, Texas - Police are searching for crooks who broke into a Galveston County church.

The First Baptist Church of Dickinson on 44th Street and Nevada Street was burglarized on Friday night.

"We had windows broken, we had office doors kicked in. It seemed like every drawer had been pulled out and all the belongings thrown around the office… computers taken," said senior pastor, Richard Robinson.

The thieves were also able to break into the church's safe.

"We screwed the safe down so they couldn't get it out… so they just pried it open and drilled on it. They finally got it open and took the contents out. But luckily there was not a lot in the safe... so they were sadly disappointed, I'm sure," said Robinson.

During services on Sunday, Robinson told the congregation about the church being targeted, and the estimated $6,000 in damage.

"I was able to stand up and encourage the congregation and say this is that time of year… people are looking for ways to make easy money. All of it was material possessions that we know that god will replace... so it's gonna be OK," said Robinson.

If you have any information about this crime Dickinson Police would like to hear from you. If you know anything about the church burglary, please call Galveston County Crime Stoppers at (409)-763-TIPS.

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