Galveston carriage crash survivor out of hospital

Mike Grayson charged in crash

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

Galveston. Texas - A survivor of a fatal carriage crash in Galveston was released from the hospital.

On July 21, Joe Hodsdon was driving his horse-drawn carriage near 21st and Avenue L in Galveston.

A car driven by an intoxicated driver hit the carriage from behind, said police. Hodsdon, 26, said the impact sent him flying.

He said he immediately got up and started trying to help his passengers even though his neck was broken.

"My C-6 got severed throughout the body. That fracture is still potentially dangerous. I could still need surgery if I move the wrong way while I sleep, fall, anything," said Hodsdon.

His passenger, 57-year-old Bobby McKelvey, died in the crash. McKelvey's wife and another passenger were injured.

"Just going through my mind, the last words that the guy who died on my carriage said was to me. It's real personal. I've been going through a lot because of that," said Hodsdon.

Mike Grayson, 21, is charged with intoxication assault and one count of intoxication manslaughter.

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