Friendswood Grinch steals decorations

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas - The holidays are a time for giving. But unfortunately for some, it's also a time for taking things that don't belong to them.

In Friendswood, a young man thought his parents went a bit overboard with their Christmas spirit this year when he came home to find an assortment of Christmas decorations on the front lawn.

"I thought my parents maybe lost it a little bit," Cameron Taylor said. "There was Snoopy and the Grinch. It was just the oddest combination of things."

Taylor soon realized that the pile of trashed ornaments wasn't put there by his parents.

"No one came and got 'em," Taylor said. "Eventually the police came and asked us a few questions because people have been reporting them missing."

According to Friendswood Police, someone or some people stole the decorations from several homes around the neighborhood and dumped them all on the Taylor's front lawn. The items have since been picked up by police, and those in the neighborhood looking to get their decorations back can find them at the police station.

Meanwhile, a few miles north in southeast Houston, a more sinister set of grinches swiped a little girl's favorite holiday ornament right from her front yard.

"We told her it was probably some Grinch," the girl's father Maj. Rawn Wilson said. "She's been telling us every day that she wants it back. She misses her Santa helicopter."

The inflatable Santa helicopter is especially important to the little girl because it reminds her of her dad, a helicopter pilot in the Army.

"I bought the decoration three years ago after my first tour in Iraq," Wilson said.

Surveillance video from a neighbor's house caught the heist on camera. The black and white footage taken early Wednesday morning shows two men getting out of a truck and stealing the inflatable Santa helicopter.

"They stopped at every house along the way shining flashlights and cars," Wilson said, describing the surveillance video. "I think their main agenda was to steal property."

Wilson said that those grinches may have taken his Christmas decoration but they aren't taking his Christmas.

"Christmas isn't about ornaments and gifts," Wilson said. "It's about family and my family's safe. They didn't break into my house. Nothing bad happened and I think the holidays will be just fine without the ornament."

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