Freeze warning issued for southeast Texas

HOUSTON - Temperatures dropped while southeast Texas residents slept early Monday and it's going to get colder. A freeze warning has been issued for southeast Texas from 9 p.m. Monday to 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"Warnings like this will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation," KPRC Local 2 meteorologist Anthony Yanez said. "No worries for pipes -- it needs to be much colder for that."

The low in Houston on Tuesday morning is forecast for 33 degrees, but it will be colder in the northern counties. A strong cold front rolled through overnight Monday, dipping temperatures into the 40s and whipping up the winds.

"As we go through the afternoon, we could see clearing -- the sun coming out a little bit -- and that's why temperatures will be in the low 50s," KPRC Local 2 meteorologist Mary Lee said.

It was also very windy. There were wind gusts near 40 mph in some areas this morning.

"With those northerly winds, it definitely feels colder outside," Lee said.

Factoring in brisk winds, the wind chill factor was in the mid to upper 30s Monday morning.

Some tried their best to bundle up, even while working out.

"I wore these thermal shirts and my earmuffs. But it gets hot pretty fast when you're running. I'm actually burning up right now," said Ally Day, a runner in Memorial Park. "(The wind) actually feels really good if you're going with it instead of against it. Otherwise, it slows you down pretty bad."

The Star of Hope's Love In Action van loaded up food and donated blankets and coats to hand out to the homeless.

"We're trying to help people survive. We're trying to help make a difference that people can feel," said Marilyn Fountain with the Star of Hope. "It's so cold. We're standing out here and we're freezing. You can imagine what it's like if you only have the very clothes on your back and you have to be outside. So, we're trying to reach as many people as we can."

The wind was blamed for power outages across the area. About 6:30 a.m., more than 10,000 CenterPoint Energy customers were without power.

On Wednesday, the low temperature is forecast for 32 degrees with a high of 57 degrees. It's expected to warm up by the weekend. The high on Saturday should be 72 degrees.

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