Freeport police show how to spot a 'card skimmer' on ATMs

By Megan Kennedy - Digital News Editor

FREEPORT, Texas - ATM users are being warned about card skimmers in Brazoria County. 

Several customers have already fallen victim to the scheme, as card skimmers have been found at multiple locations in Lake Jackson and Freeport. 

The Freeport location was a bank and the Lake Jackson location was a Buc-ee's. 

In response to these cases, the Freeport Police Department has posted a video on its Facebook page showing poeple how to spot a card skimmer on an ATM.

TDECU released the following statement:

At TDECU, protecting the assets of our Members is our highest priority. With a nationwide rise in skimming devices being introduced at self-service card terminals, we rely on our world-class tools and systems to detect, prevent and mitigate this type of criminal activity. This is critical in protecting our Members, as card number theft occurs at a variety of payment terminals used in everyday transactions, including those at gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants, as well as at ATMs. By monitoring our Members' card activity in real-time, we are able to isolate fraudulent activity, react and minimize the impact to our Members.  

In recent weeks, we have identified skimming devices placed on several TDECU-owned ATMs across our market areas. Working closely with law enforcement the devices were quickly removed ensuring only a very small number of Members being impacted. We are actively working with local law enforcement and our ATM terminal providers to mitigate further placement of skimming devices on TDECU-owned ATMs. This will involve a combination of technology being added to the machines to better detect skimmers, continued on-site monitoring of our machines, and education for our membership on how to identify these types of devices. 

If a Member or ATM user discovers a skimming device on a TDECU-owned machine, they should not attempt to remove the device but rather contact their local law enforcement immediately. If a Member suspects skimming activity on their TDECU accounts, we encourage them to call our Member Care team as soon as possible at 800.839.1154.   

Please visit to access the latest tools and resources designed to help detect and prevent card fraud. 

Due to the active criminal investigation surrounding this issue, we ask that you contact Ray Garivey, Chief of Police of the City of Freeport Police Department, by calling 979.239.1211 for further information or direct comment.

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