Fraternity Faces Lawsuit From National Office

HOUSTON - A fraternity that was already suspended for bad behavior is being taken to court.

The University of Texas' Kappa Alpha fraternity has been accused of violent hazing and hiring strippers to perform sexual acts during parties in effort to recruit pledges.

The lawsuit was filed by the fraternity's national office on Sept. 21.

According to the lawsuit, members of the fraternity started a new group called Texas Omicron but continued to represent themselves as members of Kappa Alpha. The national office said they owe back dues, furniture and fines totaling $200,000.

The students have denied the allegations.

"They have our charter," fraternity representative Robby Alden said. "We sent them back the things they asked for, like their regalia and their jewels and the things that are involved in the mystics of the KA order."

Some fraternity and sorority members at the University of Houston said they do not condone the alleged actions of the UT Kappa Alpha members.

"If you're trying to be part of a sorority or a fraternity, it's because you're trying to have that bond between brothers and sisters, as they call it," UH student Michelle Alvarez said. "I don't think that hazing someone is part of that process."

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