Frank Caliendo gives Frank weather impression

HOUSTON - He's known for his impressions of celebrities like Dr. Phil, John Madden and President George W. Bush. Comedian Frank Caliendo recently visited Houston and our own Frank Billingsley had a chance to meet up with him.

"I love coming to Texas, I love your country!" Caliendo jokingly told Billingsley.

Caliendo may be best known for impersonation of President George W. Bush. He gave us his best shot:

"Don't mess with Texas, man. That's what I'm talking about. My daddy has an airport here!"

But that's just the beginning of this comedian's talent. He also impersonated Morgan Freeman and Robin Williams.

Our Frank challenged Caliendo to give us his best impression of Robin Williams doing a weather forecast.

"Oh my goodness, what in the world is going on here? It's a cold front, it's a warm front. Storm!"

This master of celebrity voices has many more impersonations in store for fans who are lucky enough to see him live. You can watch and download them on Caliendo's website.

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