Four Seasons Hotel sues NAACP

HOUSTON - A Houston hotel is suing the NAACP, claiming it didn't pay nearly $100,000 of its bill.

The NAACP held a convention in Houston in July 2012. The organization rented rooms and held banquets at the Four Seasons Hotel, 1300 Lamar.

According to a lawsuit filed by the hotel, the NAACP failed to pay $99,597.21 of its bill by the due date of Nov. 27.

Court documents show that the NAACP was charged $34,401 on July 19 for banquet charges, but the NAACP made an advance deposit of $35,220.65 for that, which was also credited on July 19.

On July 24, the NAACP was charged $60,723 in attrition charges and $39,909.59 in room charges.

On Aug. 6, a $4,592 rebate was credited to the account.

Three finance charges were posted to the NAACP's account. On Sept. 15, $1,497.19 was charged, $1,428.31 was charged on Oct. 15 an additional $1,450.77 was charged on Nov. 15.

The hotel's finance manager sent the NAACP's controller an email on Nov. 7 that indicated that legal action would be sought if the bill was not paid in full. A NAACP official responded to that email and said the payment was processing and it may take 10 days to receive the payment.

The hotel's lawsuit was filed by the Harris County District Clerk's Office on Jan. 16.

The hotel also wants the NAACP to pay its legal fees for the case.

The Four Seasons Hotel declined to comment on the lawsuit. KPRC Local 2 has contacted the NAACP local branch and national office, but a response has not been received.

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