Former student accused of threatening to shoot teachers

HOUSTON - A former student is facing serious charges after he called a north Houston school and threatened teachers and students, police said.

Officers arrived at Fortis Institute's north campus in the 400 block of the Sam Houston Parkway Thursday at 10:15 a.m. after they said school officials received the threat. The technical school's president told police a former student who'd been kicked out of school called it in.

Police said the student had been threatening the school for the last couple of days.

Although police said they're not releasing the details of the threat, students said the school was on lockdown because the student threatened to shoot one of the instructors.

"They just locked the doors in class and they wouldn't let us out," said Brittany Fondern, a student at the school.

"One of the students got mad because he got kicked out. He threatened three of the teachers," said another student, Alex Hinojosa.

Police said the president of the school filed a report about the threat, but denied the lockdown and refused to comment.

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