Former Spring Branch ISD teacher sentenced again

HARRIS COUNTY - A former Spring Branch ISD teacher has received a new sentence.

Kathryn Murray, 31, was sentenced Friday to two years in prison with no probation.

On January 21, Murray was previously sentenced to two years probation with one year served in jail; however, her previous sentence was set aside because the judge by law could not sentence her to probation for the sexual assault of a child charge.

Friday, the court said lawyers for both sides agreed to the new sentence.

Murray in December pleaded guilty to one count of improper relationship with a student and one count of sexual assault of a child.

"It just blew our mind away," the victim's mother Jenny Pallais said of Friday's sentencing. "No probation? That means she can come back near my son."

Murray was charged after investigators learned about her relationship with a 15-year-old boy who she was supposed to be tutoring. 

Investigators said the former Memorial Middle School teacher had several sexual encounters with him including at the boy's home while his parents weren't there.

"You would never believe a teacher would come to your home and abuse your child," Jenny Pallais said.

Murray was also ordered to have no contact with the boy for at least two years, in addition to surrendering her teaching license. 
The problem, according to the boy's parents, is that Murray has already spent a year in jail and will therefore be out of jail and free to contact their son by this time next year.

Even though Murray will also have to register as a sex offender, the boy will be 18 years old by then.

"As a parent, we had that fear that she might come back, " Pallais said. 

Murray has already proven that criminal charges aren't enough to keep her away from the boy.  She was arrested again last February while out on bond after the two were caught together at Murray's father house.   

The boy's parents said that incident forced them send their son away to a school in Louisiana.

"We wanted her away from our son," the victim's father Alex Pallais said of their decision to send the boy to a school outside the state.  "To make sure it was out of Texas where she couldn't reach him. " 

The Pallais's said Murray's sentence shows a double standard when it comes to female teachers abusing male students. 

"She's a blonde pretty lady who abused a kid," Alex Pallais said.  "A woman gets much lighter sentences, where the victim has the same reaction. They get depressed. They become very suicidal. So, why is it that a boy is different than a girl? "

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