Former Rockets star pleads no contest to assault

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A former Houston Rockets player pled no contest Thursday to an assault charge.

Jordan Hill's former girlfriend, 28-year-old Darlene Luna, said Hill attacked her on Feb. 29. She read a statement in court on Thursday.

"He just snapped," she said. "He punched me in the legs, threw me off the couch and then he choked me from behind. I was so confused, embarrassed and I still loved him. We were thinking about having a baby," said Luna.

According to Luna's attorney, Gloria Alred, Luna waited to report the incident to the police because she blamed herself and wanted to protect him.

Hill's attorney, Rusty Hardin, denies the incident every happened.

"He didn't plead guilty, he pled no contest," said Hardin. "The felony charge was brought down to a misdemeanor," he said.

Hill, 25, was sentenced to probation and has to undergo domestic violence counseling, pay a $500 fine and pay a $100 donation to the Harris County Violence fund.

According to Luna, the couple was in an "intimate" relationship for a year. Hill now plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.

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