Former math teacher accused of giving wedgies to students

HARTFORD, CT - Surveillance video has a former Stratford High School math teacher in hot water for inappropriate behavior.

The video shows Gregg Gustafson wrestling and tickling minors at a student's home when the parents were not around.

One of the students told the police Gustafson gave him several wedgies that broke his underwear. The boy said he was wrestling with Gustafson and that he would not let him tap out.

The student posted two videos of his broken underwear. Gustafson allegedly asked the boy to get rid of the evidence.

The investigation against Gustafson began back on February 25 when police received complaints from students. The superintendent of Stratford High, Dr. Janet Robinson, immediately suspended Gustafson although he resigned shortly after his suspension.

Robinson wrote in a statement: "While I have been assured by investigators that this case doesn't appear to be sexual in nature, any inappropriate behavior involving our students will not be tolerated."

Gustafson was charged with tampering with a witness, attempting to bribe a witness and tampering or fabricating evidence. He was released on a $25,000 bond with a court date set for June 14.

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