Former HPD officer convicted in Chad Holley case requests new trial

Drew Ryser did not appear in court on Wednesday

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Attorneys for a former Houston police officer convicted of official oppression in the Chad Holley case were back before a judge Wednesday.

Drew Ryser is seeking a new trial, citing juror misconduct.

Attorneys for Ryser appeared on their client's behalf on Wednesday.

The attorneys believe the jury foreman researched the case online outside the courtroom and shared his findings with fellow jurors. 

"It's extremely serious," said Ryser's defense attorney Lisa Andrews. "There is a reason that the judge tells jurors not to go do outside research or visit the scene of the crime or do internet research because the court has to be able to instruct the jury on the evidence they hear in the courtroom."

Jurors convicted Ryser in June of misdemeanor official oppression in the March 2010 beating of Chad Holley. Ryser was sentenced to two years of probation.

Holley was convicted of burglary and sentenced to probation. Then last year, he was arrested on another burglary charge and sentenced in April to six months in jail.

The judge has 75 days to make a decision regarding a new trial. Ryser's attorney's will head back to court on August 22 to discuss the appeal again.

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