Former Houston radio financial advisor charged with felony

In court paperwork, the man is accused of shorting a client approximately $75,000 in a gold transaction

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A former Houston radio show host, who offered financial advice to his listeners, has been charged with a felony, Local 2 Investigates has learned.

Kingwood resident, Brett Bogus, 54, has been charged with Misapplication of Fiduciary Property.

In court paperwork, Bogus is accused of shorting a client approximately $75,000 in a gold transaction.

"They say his name is perfect for him. He's got the best name in the world, Brett Bogus," complainant, John Menna said.

For years, Bogus touted the benefits of trading paper money for gold on his weekday radio show, "The Meltdown," which mostly recently aired on KTEK 1110. Bogus paid for the air time and was not an employee of the station, according to a station executive.

The show has since been cancelled.

"If I had read the internet before I came across him, I would never have done business with him," Menna, said.  

Menna, a retiree, is not confident he will recover his money.

"There are several people who are owed a lot of money," Bogus told Local 2 Investigates at his retail store, "The Gold Exchange" located at 113 First St. in Humble.

Bogus would not talk about previous legal trouble in North Carolina and California, but did tell Local 2 he has "full intention of making restitution."

Bogus told Local 2 Investigator Joel Eisenbaum to contact his lawyer. By phone, that attorney told Local 2 he was not yet acquainted with specifics of the case and could not comment.  

On Wednesday, Bogus remained free on $150,000 bond, and his retail location remains open for business.

Humble police said they are investigating the possibility of adding criminal charges related to other victims.

"Some of my victims are retired and unable to work anymore," Humble Police Detective Tony Taylor said.

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