Former Houston hand surgeon accused of choking flight attendant

Court records show Michael Brown threatened to strip naked on plane

HOUSTON - Former Houston hand surgeon Michael Brown was arrested after an overseas flight landed, accused of choking a flight attendant.

Federal prosecutors said the incident happened on a British Airways flight from London to Miami on Jan. 2.

According to court documents, Brown walked into the forward galley and demanded his meal and wine about an hour into the flight.

A female flight attendant escorted Brown back to his seat and told him that he would be served shortly. According to court documents, Brown grabbed the flight attendant's arm, pulled her toward him and made rude sexual comments. After Brown let go of the flight attendant, she told the cabin service director about the incident. The flight captain was then notified.

A short time later, the flight attendant went to serve Brown his meal. According to court documents, Brown stood up and spilled his meal on his headphones and lap. He then left his seat area, put his hands around the flight attendant's neck and began to squeeze, according to court documents.

After he released the flight attendant from his grip, Brown threatened to strip naked and made sexual comments to other passengers, prosecutors said.

After the crew calmed Brown down, he slept for most of the remainder of the flight.

Brown was arrested after the plane landed in Miami. According to court documents, Brown said he was "touchy feely" and may have touched the flight attendant, but not in a violent or inappropriate way.

Michael Brown is the founder and owner of the Brown Hand Center, among other businesses.

In 2006, Brown lost his medical license after testing positive for cocaine.

He was acquitted of beating his wife in 2011.

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