Former Houston cop busted for allegedly providing security to drug dealers

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter , Jill Courtney , The Associated Press

HOUSTON - Local 2 Investigates has learned the former Houston Police officer scheduled to be in court on federal drug charges Wednesday afternoon was busted after he allegedly agreed to help provide security for drug dealers planning a drug deal.

Marcos E. Carrion, 36, turned himself in Wednesday morning and is charged with helping distribute cocaine when he was on the force.

Carrion resigned from the Houston Police Department in February after he learned he would be relieved of duty. He had been a Houston police officer for five years.

Local 2 Investigates has confirmed federal agents started investigating him when they got word that he had allegedly worked as the lookout on behalf of drug dealers on at least one deal before.

Federal agents reviewed Carrion's phone records and discovered he had several phone calls with suspected drug dealers, sources told investigative reporter Jace Larson.

Federal agents then set up an undercover sting to see if Carrion would agree to be the lookout man for a staged drug deal agents decided to orchestrate.

Carrion agreed to watch for police and run license plate numbers of other people in the area while the drug deal was taking place.

Carrion allegedly accepted $5,000 after he showed up to a midtown Houston business in July of 2013.

Undercover agents had other contact with Carrion during their investigation.

In at least one time during the course of his alleged corrupts acts, Carrion showed up in uniform with his gun and in a patrol car, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation who would not allow their names to be used because they were not authorized to speak on the federal investigation.

Carrion is officially charged with conspiring with others to possess with the intent to distribute five or more kilograms of cocaine from mid-2013 through April 2014, according to the United States Attorney's Office.  If convicted, Carrion faces a minimum of 10 years and up to life in federal prison as well as a possible $10 million fine.

He is expected to appear before a judge Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Authorities say the charges against Carrion are a result of an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration with the assistance of the Houston Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Carrion pleaded not guilty in court and was released on $50,000 unsecured bond. He is required to wear a GPS monitoring device after a prosecutor told a judge one of teh witnesses in the case was shot after the investigation into Carrion started.

His attorneys said Carrion is innocent of all charges and had nothing to do with the shooting.

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