Former baseball player Chuck Knoblauch arrested again

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - Former pro baseball player and Houston native, Edward Charles "Chuck" Knoblauch, has been arrested and charged with assault family violence, the Harris County District Attorney's Office records show.

Knoblauch is a former second baseman and four-time All-Star.

Cheri Knoblauch and Chuck Knoblauch filed for divorced in 2012, but did not follow through and the case was dismissed, according to online court records reviewed by Local 2 Investigates.

Prosecutors claim he hit his wife with his hand Wednesday.

Officers were dispatched to Knoblauch's home around 3:49 a.m. on Wednesday. Officers said when they arrived, Knoblauch appeared to be intoxicated.

Officers then went to another residence to speak with his wife and she described what happened between the two.

Cheri Knoblauch said her husband entered a bedroom where she was sleeping with their child and began to yell at her. He then grabbed her and smashed her head into a wall, according to court documents.

She said he threw a humidifier at her as she ran from the room.

The wife's sister-in-law was also there and helped her get out of the house.

Officers observed a large bruise on the wife's left arm, a large scratch on the left side of her face and a visible knot on her forehead.

Cheri Knoblauch said she wanted to press charges.

Officers placed Chuck Knoblauch under arrest, charging him with misdemeanor assault.

He was held at the Memorial Villages detention facility until he was transported to the Harris County Jail.

Knoblauch didn't appear in court because he posted $10,000 bond. His case was reset for July 30.

"I would caution everybody to not rush to judgment on this. Let the facts play out and let the court system do its job," his attorney Jimmy Ardoin said.

Knoblauch has a criminal history.

Prosecutors say he pushed a police officer March 12 and was charged with interference with public duties. The case has not been settled.

He was given one-year deferred adjudication in 2010 and a $1,000 fine after he assaulted a former girlfriend, Stacey Stelmach, by hitting her.

In the 2010 incident, the District Attorney's office said Knoblauch mixed alcohol with Xanax leading up to the attack in Houston.

Knoblauch played for the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees and Kansas City Royals from 1991-2002.




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