Flooding in La. could lead to crawfish shortage

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - It could be slim pickings for a while in Louisiana as heavy rains threaten some of the crawfish crop.

But not everyone is feeling the pinch. At Houston's Ragin' Cajun, it's crawfish season all year long.

"It's just so delicious. It's so good. It's really tasty," said Christopher Arcidiacono.

"The meat, it's worth it, all the peeling for. I actually eat until I'm tired of peeling," said Lauren Leeper.

The Louisiana farm that supplies Ragin' Cajun with its crawfish is on high ground, so it wasn't affected by the recent flooding. That means customers won't be paying more because the price of crawfish there won't change.

Owner Luke Mandola considers himself lucky.

"When they really get going for lent, there's not going to be much crawfish. Prices will go up for some people. We don't know yet on our end," Mandola said.

Crawfish season in Texas normally starts in February and runs through mid June.

Other restaurants and grocery stores contacted by Local 2 said it's too soon to tell how prices here will be impacted. It'll depend on where their supplier is.

For the time being, satisfied customers don't seem to be too worried.

"Crawfish, they way they are cooked, the seasonings are great," said Donovan Newman."

There is some good news. The Louisiana Agriculture center pointed out that, as a whole, this year's supply will be better than the year before.

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