Flag-wielding bicyclist records motorists violating law

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston bicyclist is fighting back against inattentive, dangerous drivers with a flag, a camera and YouTube.

"I don't think they understand the law and there's a lot of driver entitlement that goes on in Houston," Dan Morgan said.

Morgan regularly rides on busy streets with a 3-foot flag extending width-wise from the side of his bicycle.

"They hit the flag, they're breaking the law," Morgan said. "Houston has a local ordinance designed to protect so-called vulnerable road users."

The law calls for motor vehicle operators to allow a three foot buffer zone between vehicles and bicycles as well as vehicles and pedestrians.

Morgan believes the rule is commonly violated so he has started recording drivers who hit his flag, and therefore violate the law.

"They should be moving over to another lane," Morgan said.

The cyclist also records his contentious encounters with the drivers at stoplights after his flag has been hit.

Exchanges involving curse words are not uncommon, according to Morgan.

"Most of the time drivers will roll the window down and start cussing me out so I tend to fight fire with fire," Morgan said.

Morgan said he recently got a "corporate sponsor" that will provide him with a "cooler" flag.

Morgan envisions an army of Houston bike riders with similar flags in the near future.

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