Fitness, Fuel And Fun!

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Did you know the average person eats almost 1,500 pounds of food a year? Healthy eating habits begin now. Join the Children's Museum of Houston as we celebrate nutrition during our Nutrition Expo on Free Family Night Thursday, Oct. 4. You're invited to discover what's yummy for the tummy and learn cool facts about the fuel your body needs to get up and go.

Special Events:

• Fly Dance Company: These powerful break dancers will show you how eating right and having an active lifestyle can be enjoyable, inspiring and even life changing.
Event Time: 6:30 p.m. in the Brown Auditorium
• Toni the Art Cart: Take photos in Baylor College of Medicine's veggie cart.
• The Salad Lady: Snap pics with this character dressed in fruits and veggies.
• Taste Tasting with Chefs: Not only will you get to see food, but try food!
• Cooking Demo: Learn how to make healthy, nutritious granola.
• Sugar, Heart and Life Computer Games: Play interactive games about food.
• Potato People: Use real potatoes to craft human shapes out of them.
• More Matters Bracelets: To remember to eat more fruits and veggies.

On-Going Activities

• Eat This, Not That: Check out what's healthier at the Power Science Lab.
• Food Trivia Challenge: Go on a nutrition mission at the Power Science Lab.
• Fruit and Veggie Stamping: Create appetizing artwork at the Alexander Art Academy.
• My Plate: Bring home the bacon and play with what's on your plate at Junktion.
• Fruits and Veggies Quiz: Test your knowledge of greens at Junktion.
• Fitness Wheel: Bring variety to your exercise routine at Junktion.
• Just a Minute: Put yourself to the 60 sec. fitness test at the ExxonMobil Math Cart.
• Breakfast Sweets: Don't let your sweet tooth guide you at the ExxonMobil Math Cart.


Fitness, Fuel and Fun! Nutrition Expo
October 4, 2012 during Free Family Night Thursday, 5 – 8 p.m.
***Activities, events and times subject to change