Fisherman bitten by alligator going after same fish

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - An alligator and a fisherman apparently went for the same fish in Shelton Lake State Park in northeast Harris County Monday afternoon.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials tell Local 2 a man was standing on a fishing pier trying to reel in a fish. The department says at the same time what he could not see was an alligator under the surface of the water going after the same fish.

The official says as the fisherman tried to pull the fish up, the alligator snapped at him. The manager says the man's hand was bitten, he was taken to the hospital, and was OK.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife department says the park has been open for 30 years and nothing like this has happened before. There are signs in the park warning you to stay away from the alligators.

The state says the alligator was taken away and euthanized.

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