Fiscal Cliff: What it means for you

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert
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HOUSTON - While Congress considers the fiscal cliff deal passed in the Senate early New Year's morning, one thing is certain. No matter how lawmakers vote, you will be taking home less pay in 2013 than you did last year.

While politicians wrangled with the deal, they let a payroll tax break expire.

In 2011 President Obama extended a 2% payroll tax break to every working American.

The idea was to give families more money to spend to help boost the economy. In 2013, that tax break is over.

For someone making $50,000 a year, it will mean they'll take home about $1000 less, about $80 a month they'll no longer get.

Financial experts say it will cause consumers to spend less and that will have a negative impact on the economy when consumer spending is already down.

Those experts say now is a good time examine how much you are with holding for taxes from your paycheck and to rework your family's budget to account for your smaller paycheck.

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