Firefighter accused of taking pictures in bathroom

Christopher Clark charged with improper photography

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

NEW WAVERLY, Texas - A now-former volunteer firefighter has been accused of trying to take inappropriate pictures of a woman in a bathroom.

Walker County prosecutors said a female paramedic said she heard a clicking sound when she walked into the women's bathroom in the New Waverly Volunteer Fire Department station.  The prosecutor said she started looking around and found a hidden iPod snapping pictures with an app called "Top Secret Camera."  She told her supervisor, who called the sheriff's department.

"Once he looked at the iPod, he knew who it belonged to because while Mr. Clark was setting the iPod up to take pictures of her, he was taking pictures of himself," said Walker County District Attorney, David Weeks.  "The good thing was that she was so disturbed by the sound that he got pictures of her looking around and that's all."

Christopher Clark, 31, has been charged with improper photography, a felony.

He is no longer a New Waverly firefighter.  His former department released a statement saying, "Earlier this year, officials with the NWVFD learned of this incident and immediately contacted Walker County law enforcement to request an investigation, as we believed it to be a violation of state law.  Thirty-one-year-old Christopher Clark was placed on suspension on the night of the incident and initial investigation, and within 24 hours was terminated as a member of the New Waverly Volunteer Fire Department.  Regardless of whether one volunteers or receives compensation, this type of behavior cannot and will not be tolerated.  We applaud the actions of the grand jury, Walker County Sheriff's Office and district attorney in helping bring this to a swift conclusion.  The members of the organization remain committed to serving the community as they have for the past 60 years."

A guilty conviction could mean up to two years in prison.

The woman's family had no comment on the charge.

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