Fire Marshal: 3 arson fires connected

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - Three fires in Montgomery County have been ruled arson, and investigators said they appear to be connected.

New Caney, Caney Creek and Central Montgomery County firefighters battled flames at a mobile home in the 14600 block of Country West Drive near F.M. 1485 about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Crews said flames engulfed one home and were spreading to another. Both homes were vacant, officials said.

A neighbor said she found a fire burning on her front porch a few hours earlier but thought it was caused by fireworks. She extinguished the flames herself, officials said. Detectives said they determined that someone had set seat cushions on fire.

While firefighters were battling that blaze, they saw smoke across the street. Crews went to that scene and found fire destroying a vacant travel trailer.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office investigators said they determined that all of the fires were intentionally set by one person or one group of people. Detectives said they think the person or persons moved on to vacant homes after the fire at the occupied home was unsuccessful.

In total, two homes were destroyed and two others were damaged.

Investigators said they don't have any suspects, but they want get the case solved before another fire is set and someone is hurt or killed.

Anyone with information is asked to call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers at 800-392-STOP.

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