Fight leads to stabbing outside Osborne Elementary

Parents concerned that they were notified about stabbing

HOUSTON - A fight reportedly led to a stabbing outside an elementary school in Northwest Houston sending one man to the hospital.

The family of the victim spoke exclusively with Local 2.

When HISD and Houston police arrived, the individuals were gone, they say.

The family says the 17-year-old was dropping off his son at Osborne Elementary school around 8 a.m.Wednesday when a woman attacked him stabbing him at least once in the shoulder, while children were nearby.

The family says the stabbing escalated from an argument over the weekend.

"They said she had a tire iron and a butcher knife," said Mary Batts, the victim's grandmother.

His grandmother says he's expected to be okay.

While Houston police investigate the stabbing, parents say they are concerned and want to know why the school didn't notify them right after the incident happened.

In response, the Houston Independent School District spokesperson says the stabbing wasn't a situation where it was an ongoing threat.

In a letter sent home to parents Wednesday afternoon, school officials said:

"Osborne faculty and staff members moved quickly to ensure the safety of all the students as they were entering the building. The campus was safely secured and the school schedule proceeded as usual. No Osborne students or staff members were involved in this incident."

"I don't think it's functional to send a letter out after the fact. We all have e-mails and HISD sends them on a regular basis so I don't understand why we're just now finding out about it," said Teri Mills, a parent.

If parents have any questions or concerns they are asked to call the school district.

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