Fiancés going to extremes for marriage proposals

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - A sunset on the beach isn't cutting it these days for proposals.  Men are upping their game and going all out to propose to their ladies, even spending thousands on extravagant engagements.

Adam Dallas Barnes recreated an episode of his girlfriend's favorite dating television show as part of his proposal.

Barnes convinced his fiancée Cindy Gilmore she was going to a movie.

"I wrote and story boarded the whole thing," said Barnes.

He added, "I got a crew together of two or three people, called some friends of mine who like to act."

(See the You Tube video of the proposal here.)

"He made it so personal with interaction with my family and about how he felt about me. It was so personal, he (got) me bawling," said Gilmore.

Not everyone can dream up an engagement like this, but there is help out there.

"The Yes Girls are a group of five girls based around the country and they plan marriage proposals for guys," said Elie Pitts, consultant with The Yes Girls.

The Yes Girls created a spectacular engagement for a couple in Houston at the Wortham Center.

"Every idea is completely customized to the guys and the couples because every relationship is different," said Pitts.

The prices range from $199 just for ideas to around $1,200 total for the proposal, but, Pitts said "if we have a super extravagant proposal, it obviously goes up."

Clients typically can plan on spending $2,500 to $3,000 on everything, according to Pitts, which includes photographer, videographer, florist, venue, and other details.

"Make sure it's personalized," said Pitts.

She added, "Make sure you've thought about her favorite color, her favorite flower, and definitely, definitely, definitely get down on one knee and say her full name!"

Another piece of great advice from The Yes Girls is to hire a photographer or bring a friend with a camera. You're going to want those pictures!

So why all the fuss for an engagement?

"You paid so much for this beautiful ring," said Pitts. She added, Why not present it in a beautiful fashion!"

To learn more about The Yes Girls, go to their website (click here).

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