Feral hogs take over Liberty High School football field

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas - The athletic director for Liberty High School says their biggest rival right now is a team of hogs.

The hogs have left 6-foot ruts that could lead to major problems for players on the field.

The team figured out the hogs are coming from woods behind the school so they set a trap to catch them in the next couple days.

"Will try to move up to the middle of the field just away from that area so that we don't take any chances of anybody twisting and ankles or knee or doing anything worse than that," said Chad Taylor, athletic director of Liberty High School. "We definitely don't want our students to be out here and a pack of hogs come after them, because, you know, they can only run so far."

For help to get back in the game, the team called Deep South Trapping, which says there's no quick fix. They were able to build a trap and the hog's trust.

"They've been coming pretty clearly every night, in the group of about 18 to 20, and they're pretty consistent, found some easy, free corn and I think we'll take care of it in about a week." said Steven Horelica, of Deep South Trapping.

He's been watching them every night and predicts they can catch them with their hgih-tech trap.

"When the game camera send us a picture of the hogs inside the trap we can text the gate to close and it drops immediately 57 and we can catch the whole group at once." said Horelica.

"We're going to get a pretty good amount of hogs when they finally decide to trap 'em." said Taylor.

The hogs have been coming back every night for corn and in the next day or two they're going to put a guillotine gate up to catch them.

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