Feeding the masses: a Kingwood 'Friendsgiving' feast

KINGWOOD - Turkey, ham, brisket, stuffing, corn, green beans -- it’s all the fixings that you need for Thanksgiving, but in Kingwood, they’re hosting a "Friendsgiving."

"This happened as fast as the flood happened. We put it on Facebook and it just, oh man, it went crazy," Shelli Underwood, who helped organize the event, said.

It’s a reaction that shows just how much this community has come together in the wake of Harvey’s devastation.

Even on a day that’s primarily about family, Underwood and hundreds of volunteers are thinking about their neighbors.

"Why don’t we just make it a Friendsgiving instead of a Thanksgiving and let’s invite the community and invite all of the people from Kingwood to Splendora, Cleveland," Underwood said.

"Everybody’s trying to hug you. Everything here so it was wonderful," Aida Gurrero Kozarsky said .

Gurrero Kozarsky is better off than many of her Kingwood counterparts, though she still felt the storm’s effects.

"I wasn't home for about a week cause I didn't have electricity," she said.

But today is a different story. Between the food, the music, the food, the new friends and the food, everyone has something to be thankful for.  

Oh, and it’s her birthday.

"I was, it was going to be quiet. I was going to be nobody," Gurrero Kozarsky said.

Yet, celebrating and sharing smiles with strangers is really why they created this Friendsgiving.

"It’s a good day for everybody to get together. Bond, hug, join back together, bring our close Kingwood community together because we’re a tight little good area," Underwood said.

"Your upbringing and your way of thinking, your religious upbringing in this country, no matter what we all come together for this," Gurrero Kozarsky said.

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