Fast food workers reveal foods to avoid

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - Fast food workers have spoken and they have a warning about what to avoid at their restaurants.

From dirty machines, to old chicken, the workers have released a list of the things you should never eat.

Before you order your next fast food item, hear what they are saying about their own food.

One Reddit reader fast food worker said Subway egg and tuna salad sandwiches. The salads come from a bag and are heavily mixed with mayonnaise. The cold cuts are kept in smelly syrup.

At Pizza Hut, a worker said chances are the dough is old, oily and handled without gloves.

If KFC 's BBQ sandwich is your favorite, one worker posted, "the chicken is too old to even give away to homeless shelters. It's soaked in barbecue sauce until it can be pulled apart."

What about Wendy's chili?  Well, one worker said the beef comes from old, dried-up meat on the grill that's re-heated.

Another Reddit fast food worker said watch out for Taco Bells' beans which come with instructions to stir until you no longer see white.

A Starbucks worker said if you're thinking of ordering from the secret menu, there's no such thing.

The information was compiled when Reddit asked fast food workers to respond to an online survey.

Click here to see the list.

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