Fans hold rally for Texans quarterback Matt Schaub

Fans say with three-fourths of the season left the quarterback has what it takes

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter
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HOUSTON - Fans turned out at the Houston Texans Grille on the west side of town for one reason: support for perhaps the most criticized man in the city right now.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has had his naysayers in the past -- but anger amongst fans reached a fever pitch after he threw his third pick-six in a row last week against the Seahawks, placing the eventual loss on Schaub's shoulders.

One fan set his $200 Schaub jersey on fire after the game. But Friday night at the Texans Grillle: a rally for number 8.

"Love you Matt Schaub," said Texans fan Chris Wiggin. "We're really pulling for you. I think you're the quarterback for this team."

All of the fans at the restaurant say they believe he's the right quarterback for the Texans.

They broke out in chants shouting, "In Schaub we trust" several times. Most of these fans concede you likely need an elite quarterback to make it to the Super Bowl. So for the Texans to have success they believe Schaub will have to step up his game.

They say with three-fourths of the season left the quarterback has what it takes.

"Just go out there, do your best," pleads fan Madison Dooley with encouraging words for Schaub. "I know you can do it. Don't be sad, don't listen to anybody. Just believe in yourself."

Fan David Nagy adds, "He definitely has to play better and I believe he will play better."

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