Family searches for missing blogger

HOUSTON - A family is desperately searching for a traveling blogger who has been missing for a week.

Victoria Erickson, 31, was last seen in the Montrose area. She was staying at Pat Greer's Kitchen on West Clay Street near Taft

Relatives said Erickson was traveling across the country blogging about vegan food and healthy lifestyles when she vanished.

"There was no sign of a struggle or anything like that, which is encouraging," said Erickson's twin sister, Katherine.

Erickson's car was found, along with her dog, computer and cellphone. Relatives said she would never leave them behind.

"I won't allow myself to entertain negative thoughts," said Katherine Erickson. "Those fears come up. I've cried and paced around and then let it go."

Katherine Erickson said it is possible A family is desperately searching for a travel blogger who has been missing for a week.that family dynamics may have caused her sister to leave on her own. She said Victoria Erickson also suffers from depression.

The sisters will turn 32 years old on Tuesday.

"When we were really young, as children, we had a psychic connection," Katherine Erickson said. "Everything we do mirrors each other. It's a beautiful relationship."

Anyone with information regarding Victoria Erickson's whereabouts is asked to call their local law enforcement agency.

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