Family of couple injured in gas station crash speaks out

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - We're hearing from the family of a couple hit by a vehicle while they were pumping gas.

An SUV slammed into the gas station on Falvel Drive at Spring-Stuebner in Spring, injuring several people, including a 73-year-old woman and her 81-year-old husband, who is in critical condition.

Roberta Aldridge's parents -- Dale Exley and his wife, Carol -- are recovering after a serious crash in the Spring area.

"This woman blew through the intersection, ran head into my mom's Escape and it pushed the Escape into a truck behind her that was getting gas," Aldridge said.

But it was what happened to her father that was most serious.

"My dad was struck and he few up into the air above the Escape, flipped over, and came back down and landed on his head," Aldridge said.

Exley is in critical condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. He suffered a fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and bleeding on the brain among other injuries. His wife is no longer at the hospital.

Precinct 4 deputy constables believe the 65-year-old woman who lost control may have suffered some type of medical issue to trigger the crash.

No charges have been filed yet and police are reviewing video surveillance as they work to piece together the exact series of events.

Deputy constables say it's unclear exactly what type of medical condition the woman suffered, causing the crash, but that is part of their investigation.

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