Family new to Houston area, targeted by thieves

Thieves stole computers, clothes and dog's ashes

HUMBLE, Texas - A family who recently relocated to Houston had their most precious belongings stolen from their motel room.

"We just had some rough times," David Newman said. 

Newman said he just moved his family to Houston from New York for a new job. While looking for a permanent place to live, he said his family was staying at a Motel 6 in Humble when thieves gave them a rude welcoming.

"My wife and kids were out at a park with the dogs," Newman said. "We came back and everything was gone from our room."

Among the items stolen, Newman said, was his 14-year-old Autistic son's computer and some of his clothes.

"Most of the stuff can be replaced - the clothes, the computers, the electronics," Newman's wife Jennifer said.  "But there were some irreplaceable things. The hard drives that had the pictures of the kids from when they were babies."

In addition to those irreplaceable family pictures, the Newman's' said the thieves also took an irreplaceable member of their family.

"Our daughter's dog passed away on the trip down," Jennifer Newman said. "We had the dog's ashes in a box and they took that."

"That was the hardest," David Newman said. "Seeing the kids and my daughter's reaction. It was unbearable."

The family said there were no signs of forced entry into their room. Newman said Motel 6 management told them its surveillance system was not operating at the time of the incident.

"They said nobody saw anything," David Newman said.  "Nobody heard anything.  I want the thieves caught. I want them brought to whatever justice there's supposed to be here."

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