Family fearful after neighbor's dogs attack

Pit bulls attacks, kills neighbor's yorkies

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

CROSBY, Texas - A Crosby family is distraught over the death of their dogs.

Laura Nickels said all four of her family's pets were in their yard Sunday morning when the neighbor's three pit bulls busted through a picket fence and attacked. Two of the Nickels' yorkies were killed, a Chihuahua was badly injured, and another Chihuahua escaped unharmed. 

"We had to sit there and watch them attack our animals," Nickels said. "It was horrible. We heard all the squealing and screeching and barking and growling and my kids were screaming and crying."

Nickels said she now fears for her family's safety and wonders what would have happened if her five children had been playing in the yard at the time of the attack.

Local 2 spoke to the owner of the pit bulls. He admitted his dogs are aggressive towards other animals but insists they love people.

"It's my fault," said Cletis Shields. "They should have stayed on the chain. I should have kept them in my yard." 

Shields said he's hoping he and the Nickels family can reach an agreement and put all this behind them.

"I'll replace the dogs and deal with the vet bill. I told her that," Shields said. "But she wants me to do that and get rid of my dogs."

That's something he said he is not willing to do. Shields said his family is attached to the dogs and insists they're gentle with people. 

"I fear for the lives of my kids," said Nickels. "I fear for the lives of my neighbors children and neighbors."

The Harris County Sheriff's was called to the home on the morning of the attack and they are investigating. Shields said he was issued a citation for not keeping his dogs in his own yard. 

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