Family coping with workers' deaths

By Anoushah Rasta - Anchor/Reporter

LA PORTE, Texas - The family and friends of two men killed during a chemical leak at a DuPont facility in La Porte continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

The father of Robert (Bobby) and Gilbert (Gibby) Tisnado sat down with Local 2 to share his reaction to the incident.

Gilbert Tisnado recounted the horrifying phone call he received from another one of his sons about Gibby and Bobby.

"My son called me and said 'Dad, there has been an accident at the plant and Gibby and Bobby are involved, dad,'" he said. "My heart stopped beating."

The Tisnado family would soon learn that the chemical leak had killed a total of four people and injured a fifth.

"It's a real freak accident. Stuff like this isn't supposed to happen. There's nobody you can blame," said Tisnado.

He described his sons as hard-working, honest family men who were dedicated to their jobs at DuPont. In fact, Tisnado said they were working an overtime shift the day they died.

"The things that come to your mind are the first time you held them, the first words they said, the first steps they took," said Tisnado.

The family said Bobby ran into the plant when the leak happened to help another employee inside. Gibby ran in after his brother when he didn't return and put his face mask on Bobby when he saw him down.

"It's a terrible loss, puts a hole in your heart. You could drive a Volkswagen through it," said their father.

Bobby Tisnado was the youngest of four children. He was 38 years old and married with three kids.

Gibby Tisnado, 49, was the eldest sibling. He was a husband, father and grandfather.

"I can feel my son's heart beat in the grandkids, you know," said Tisnado.

"It's just very very sad," said Sandra Campbell, one of Bobby Tisnado's neighbors. "So they all need your prayers. They need you to be there for them. I can't imagine what it's going to be like."

Campbell said Bobby was a person whose absence is being deeply felt in her community.

"We found out yesterday that we lost someone that we did love -- a person that always smiles and is always happy and one of the best neighbors in the world," said Campbell.

The U.S. Chemical Safety Board has sent a team to Houston to investigate Saturday's chemical release at DuPont.

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