Family complains of unpleasant smell in local neighborhood

The family says the smell comes from a lift station not far away from home

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Some residents of a northwest Houston neighborhood say the stink has to go! 

Many people would agree Timbergrove is a beautiful neighborhood, but one family said it's tired of an ugly smell.  The family said that smell comes from a lift station not far away from home. 

The lift station pumps sewage to a collection area.  The water is then treated after being separated from the waste.

"It's like standing in the middle of the sewer at times," said Khalil Saman.  He said, "It's very strong and at first we were just complaining about the actual smell and now we have an infant at home and we're even worried about how it might impact his health."

Saman said he and his neighbors have complained to the city.  A spokesman with Houston's Public Works Department confirms it has been working with neighborhood groups for a long time. 

He said the city has meters in the neighborhood checking the air.  He said the city is installing "scrubbers" to better clean the air that is released.  The city cautioned it could take months more to clear the air. 

Saman said it's already taken too long.  He and his family have lived off of T.C. Jester for more than 18 months and the smell has always been a problem. 

He told Local 2, "We're embarrassed to have our friends over sometimes. Is it going to smell today or is it not? That's the smell that we deal with every day."

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