Family believes neighbor shot their dog

Police want to question neighbor

HOUSTON - A Houston family is outraged after their dog was shot while inside their fenced yard.

According to the family, a neighbor shot the dog because it was barking.

Marlene Hernandez said she awoke to the sound of gunfire Thursday morning outside her home on Navigation Street in southeast Houston.

Outside she found a blood trail that led to a shed next door. Inside she found Keira, a 1-year-old female pit bull, covered in blood. The dog had been shot four times and one bullet lodged in her nose.

According to a neighbor, she saw a man walk up to the house, pull a pistol and start shooting.

Hernandez believes it was the same man who threatened to kill the dog last week. According to Hernandez, he told her he was tired of hearing the dog bark every time he walked by the house.

Police are looking for that man.

As for Keira, she is being treated at a veterinarian's office and has a good chance to survive. The veterinarian is going to leave the lodged bullet in Keira's nose, because it may be too dangerous to try and remove it.

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