Family believes boyfriend responsible for shooting woman in face

HOUSTON - Brooke Luce's family said she has gone through two surgeries at Memorial Hermann, and there are plans for more.

While she recovers, her family is asking to find her boyfriend because they believe he is responsible for shooting her in the face.

Amanda Trahan was one of the last two people to see her 18-year-old niece without the bullet wounds on her face.

Trahan said the other person was Brooke Luce's boyfriend standing over her with a gun pointed at her face.

"She looked at me and she was saying, 'help me,' and when she turned her head he had fired that gunshot,” Trahan said.

Brooke Luce is now dealing with surgeries and wounds.

“She’s talking a little bit, but it’s more mulling than it is talking because of the damage done to the top of her mouth where the bullet went in, it disintegrated everything on the top of her mouth,” Dylan Luce, Brooke Luce's brother, said.

Brooke Luce's boyfriend is 18-year-old John Murton. The family said he sometimes goes by the name "Bear."

Liberty police said after he shot Luce at the Delux Inn off Highway 90 in Liberty, he walked off with the gun.

“They can’t find him but he’s on foot,” Crystal Trahan, Luce's mother, said.

Crystal Trahan said she and her entire family have had talks with her daughter about the ongoing abusive relationship.

She said she even told Murton to leave Luce alone, but that didn't work.

“She told me New Years she got drunk and fell down the steps, then she told me he pistol whipped her and it was very bad,” Crystal Trahan said.

Crystal Trahan said her daughter was both in love -- and scared -- to leave the relationship.

She added all those year of abuse culminated Friday night with him standing over her, then pulling the trigger.

“It’s by God’s grace that she’s alive, all the doctors said, 'You should be dead,'” Crystal Trahan said.

The Liberty Police Department is still looking for Murton. They said he should be considered armed and dangerous.

There is a warrant out for his arrest on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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