Family battles moving company over money

STAFFORD, Texas - A woman is devastated because, she said, the moving company she hired is scamming her family out of their stuff and their money.

"We don't have any more money. This is it. I mean, I don't have a birth certificate for my child because it's on the other side of that wall," said Beverly Flinchum.

This military wife said the worst part is that her husband, Bill, who sacrificed so much fighting abroad, is now being victimized by the people he nearly died to protect.

"My husband was blown up, suffered a traumatic brain injury and I have shelled out $6,500 just to these people," said Flinchum.

The problem dates back to May 24 when she said American Mighty Movers picked up the family's load to transfer it to a Utah military base, where her husband will now be stationed.

The copy of the contract Flinchum signed clearly stated she'd have to pay around $2,000. But the next day, she said, she got a call.

"The office manager insisted that I had to wire $4,611 more on top of the $1,702 because the load was over the cubic square feet," said Flinchum. 

Since the fine print in the contract read the estimate is subject to change, Flinchum admittedly wired the money without thinking twice.

"Then two days ago, they called us to tell us the stuff is still sitting here in the warehouse and it's not going to move unless we give them another $3,000," said Flinchum.

So now, more than a month later, the family's stuff is still at a facility along Avenue East in Stafford.

KPRC Local 2 did a little digging, only to uncover that there have been six complaints made with the Better Business Bureau since the company opened its doors in January. Records also show the company's owner, Darrol Thomas, has actually been running several operations since 1989, just under different names. KPRC Local 2 has found 11 various moving companies linked to him. Ninety-four complaints have been filed against one of them in the last three years.

As for Flinchum, she's fuming. She said she just can't seem to understand how this man could stay in business with so many complaints.

"My husband and I and my child are left with nothing, homeless with no furniture," she said.

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