Families of party shooting victims make plea for help in case

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter , Mark Boyle - Reporter , Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

CYPRESS, Texas - We're learning more about the birthday party shootout that left two teens dead and 19 others hurt. For the first time, we're hearing from the sister of one of the shooting victims who says her brother may never walk again.

Holly Dent has been visiting her brother in the hospital every day.  Terrico Johnson was one of several people shot at a house party over the weekend in Cypress. Johnson's injuries are pretty serious. Friends say he took a bullet to the face when he jumped in front of a girl to protect her.

"He was shot in the chin and it went into his neck, tapped his spine," Dent told Local 2.

Doctor's aren't sure if he'll be able to walk. Right now, he's still in the hospital and isn't getting out anytime soon.

Dent says her brother went to party to hang out with friends. They say they don't know what happened inside and her brother doesn't remember.

"When I talked to him about it he said he was just chilling, started hooting," said Dent.

Their family, along with everyone else in this community, is hoping the investigation wraps up soon and that the shooters are caught.

Two people -- Arielle Shepherd and Qu'eric Richardson -- died and the shooters still haven't been caught.

Deputies made two arrests in the case, but the charge against Willie Young was dropped.

This isn't the first time tragedy has hit one of the shooting victim's family. Their other son was also shot in a case that got a lot of media attention.

Families of victims make plea for help

As deputies search for more people involved in a deadly house party shooting, the family of the victims are making an emotional plea of their own.

Terrance Shepherd and Lawrence Guidry both lost their children over the weekend during the deadly shooting in Cypress. Both men are now making a public statement trying to encourage witnesses to come forward with information.

"Life is funny. It's a circle. What you did will come back and I ask everyone who was at the party to come forward. If Arielle was your friend, please come forward and say something," said Terrance Shepherd, father of shooting victim, Arielle Shepherd.

Lawrence Guidry's son, Qu'eric Richardson, was also killed.

"I just want them to know that they have a father and a mother and that they would want answers. I ask them to think about their own fathers and mothers, if it were them who was gone," Guidry told reporters.

Meanwhile, community activist Quanell X said a group called 'The Jets' based in northwest Harris County is threatening witnesses and he is demanding it stop and says witnesses shouldn't be worried about retaliation.

"I want to personally say, if you give us those names, we will personally help protect you, no matter who the gang is," Quanell X said.

He is also putting up $2,000 to encourage someone to step up with information that could lead to an arrest.

So far, only one person is in custody. Randy Stewart is in jail and he is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Local 2's Jace Larson spoke with Randy Stewart, who is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, on Wednesday about the party.

Stewart says he is innocent of all charges and did not have a gun.

"They have no weapon with my finger prints on it. I didn't do it," Stewart said.

According to Stewart, the incident started after two rival gangs bumped into each other physically at the party.

Detectives have accused him of shooting a gun in the air. Stewart says he's not part of any gang but there were two gangs represented at the party: BSE and NWS. Stewart didn't know what those stood for.

Stewart says he loved Queric like a brother and would like to talk to Queric and Arielle's familes.

Detectives have accused him of shooting a gun in the air. Stewart says he's not part of any gang but there were two gangs represented at the party: BSE and NWS. Stewart didn't know what those stood for.

"I feel like I am accused of something I didn't do. I didn't kill anyone or harm anyone. I am innocent," Stewart told Local 2.

Stewart is being held in 23 hour a day lockdown. He says he wants to get home to his 3-month-old baby boy.

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