Failed robbery attempt at hair salon

Police looking for two men, female getaway driver

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police are looking for two men and their female getaway driver after their robbery attempt was foiled by a quick-thinking hairstylist.

A man walked into Sylvia's Beauty Salon, on the corner of the South Loop East and Broad Street Wednesday morning, asking how much they charged to do nails.

The stylist got suspicious because he looked nervous, and then because she could tell he was armed.

"I felt that he was a bad man because he looked like he was carrying a gun, and I saw it," says the woman who did not want to be identified, "I got suspicious because of the car that drove up quietly."

The stylist said a car drove up when the man walked outside and signaled a female driver.

Another man jumped out of the vehicle, the two suspects put on ski masks, and then walked toward the door with guns drawn.

Inside the shop was a customer getting her hair cut with her husband and their three-month-old baby.

Fearing the worst, the stylist locked the door just before the men could make it back inside.

The men ran off, jumped in the car and the female driver peeled out of the lot.

Police say surveillance cameras at a nearby gas station may have captured the suspects before they made their robbery attempt.

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