Facebook may begin incorporating hashtags

Popular Twitter device being tested on social network

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Facebook may introduce hashtags that are so popular on Twitter, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

Hashtags are keywords that are prececed by a hash or pound (#) mark.

Twitter's hashtag has become a collective way for people to collate many Twitter messages about a single news event or topic. Twitter has also begun using hashtags as a way of creating advertiser-friendly topic pages for big events such as the Olympics.

The notion of tags got its start on blogs and services like Flickr, but Twitter has become the king of the hashtags mountain. Instagram, which Facebook acquired last year, already uses hashtags, allowing users to sort photos by the symbol, according to WSJ.

Critics say that the confusing hashtags will muddle the mainstream base users of Facebook, and add another perplexing level to the social network.

Facebook is reportedly testing whether to follow Twitter's lead, but there is no set date for its rollout, according to reports.


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