Experts hail first braces breakthrough in 15 years

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - After years of hiding their smiles, record numbers of adults are now getting orthodontic treatments, more than half of them are women.

A Houston company has patented a breakthrough in braces that experts say will cut the patient wear time in half.

Hailey Wammack, 14, has had crooked teeth for years.
Hailey told Local 2, "My teeth they were all cluttered together and so I didn't want them to be like that anymore."

The eighth grade cheerleader and aspiring actress was ready for a smile that would reflect her shining personality, even if that meant braces.

Hailey said, "I didn't want them all through my high school years like my mom did!"

Her mom, Jennifer said, "I wore them from eighth grade to my senior year of high school and so if she can have hers off before she goes in high school, that's awesome."

Spring orthodontist Dr. Jim Lyles suggested Acceledent.

Dr. Lyles told Local 2, "Well, it's a gift, by golly!"

Created by a Houston company, Acceledent is an FDA approved, specially prescribed, vibrating mouthpiece the patient wears over their braces just 20 minutes a day to speed up results.

Dr. Lyles explained that in Hailey's case, "She had the eye tooth buried up in the gum bones, etc. and normally it's well over a year for that to all come down and get in place and here she is. In seven months, it's all in place now."

Hailey said, "When I saw the (before and after) pictures, I was like, 'Those are my teeth?!' It's so crazy to see the difference in what they look like.The Acceledent device comes in six different sizes and is custom fit to the patient. It's not only faster, but it's gentler. So you don't get the same pain and sensitivity often associated with braces."

Hailey added, "I usually do it either when I'm reading or watching TV or doing homework and I have extra free time."

Dr. Lyles said Acceledent helps convince adults who are wary of wearing braces for years.

He explained, "Research has shown that nine months is pretty much the line that... adults, especially females, are willing to go and so if we can do it for nine months or less, they'll go for it."
Now, Hailey says she's ready for the spotlight.

She smiled, "I just feel like when I walk into high school, I'm going to be smiling without braces on."

The Acceledent device can cost anywhere from $750 to $950 or about 15 percent of the total orthodontic treatment fee.

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