Ex-Doctor's Wife Questioned About Relationship With Jeff Bagwell

HOUSTON - The wife of a former Houston doctor accused of assaulting her was grilled on the stand Thursday about her relationship with ex-Houston Astros star Jeff Bagwell.

Dr. Michael Brown, founder of the Hand Center, has been charged with assault.

Brown is accused of throwing objects at and physically abusing his fourth wife, Rachel.

Rachel Brown took the stand Thursday for a second day of testimony.

With the jury out of the courtroom, defense attorney Dick Deguerin asked Rachel Brown about her relationship with Bagwell.

"Mrs. Brown, yesterday I asked you about whether you had flown with Jeff Bagwell to Los Angeles, and you said 'no,' Deguerin said.

"Correct," Rachel Brown said.

"But you flew with him to San Diego, didn't you?" Deguerin asked.

"San Diego," Rachel Brown said while nodding.

"That was a yes?" Deguerin asked.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, I did."

"Then you took a private jet from San Diego to Cabo with him, correct?" Deguerin asked.

"Yes," Rachel Brown said.

"This past weekend, you were with him in Aspen, weren't you?" Deguerin asked.

"No," Rachel Brown said.

Rachel Brown denied that her relationship with Bagwell started before the alleged assault, but Deguerin asked if Bagwell's alleged mistress would know when their relationship began.

The defense subpoenaed Bagwell to appear, but he did not show up. Deguerin said Bagwell is in hiding.

During questioning from the prosecution, Rachel Brown read from an affidavit that described the alleged incident.

"He grabbed my arm and twisted it," she read. "He tried to break it as he bent it back. The nanny tried to pull him off me. The respondent took a picture frame off of a wall and threw it at me. A bodyguard came in and tackled him."

Rachel Brown told the jury what the security guard, Michael Payne, did to her husband.

"He grabbed him and took him down to the floor and was laying on top of him," she said.

Under cross-examination, Payne told the jury that he did not tackle Michael Brown. When asked by defense attorney Dick Deguerin if he was laying on top of Michael Brown, Payne said, "No, sir."

"I did not lay him on the ground, no," Payne said.

If Michael Brown is found guilty, he could face 2 to 10 years in prison.

Michael Brown was convicted of assaulting a previous wife in 2002.

Michael Brown lost his license to practice medicine in 2006, when he tested positive for cocaine.

The trial will resume next week.

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