Ex-clerk accused of stealing customer's credit card number

Steffany Mejia charged with fraudulent use of identifying information

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - A former department store clerk has been accused of using a customer's credit card information to buy stuff for herself. Police said no skimmer or any high-tech gadgets were used in the incident.

Court records said Steffany Mejia, 20, used a pen and a piece of paper when she worked at a Dillard's to copy down a customer's credit card number.
According to investigators, she then used the account number to shop at several Dillard's around Houston.

Police have not said which Dillard's Mejia worked at when she took the account number, but court records said on one of the occasions, she used the account on Feb. 25 at the Dillard's in Memorial City Mall.

No one from Dillard's returned Local 2's calls for comment, but police said that when questioned, Mejia admitted that she used the credit card number to go shopping at several Dillard's stores.

Dillard's managers discovered the alleged theft and they called Houston police.

A man who identified himself as Mejia's boyfriend answered the door at her southwest Houston apartment. He said Mejia was out looking for a new job.

Meanwhile, consumers said they are looking for ways to shop safely.

"I just kind of watch who's around me and who handles the card and stuff," shopper Lauren Moreau said.

There is an active warrant for Mejia's arrest. She has been charged with fraudulent use of identifying information.

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