Electrical worker struck by lightning

Man listed in critical condition

HOUSTON - A North Houston Line and Pole worker is listed in critical condition after he was struck by lightning, and first responders said he had no pulse when they arrived.

Workers were repairing electrical lines near Miller Road 1 and Miller Road 2 when one worker was hit.

"When they noticed the lightning, they were packing up, and he was walking out of a vehicle out in the field," said Shalacey Thistle with South Lake Houston EMS. "The coworkers said they actually saw the lightning strike him."

Thistle said the man's coworkers immediately began CPR on him and called 911, but when emergency responders arrived, the man didn't have a pulse.

"The lightning strikes were still going. It was raining really hard once we got there. Got him on the stretcher and in the back of the unit as quickly as we could," said Thistle.

Paramedics said upon his arrival at East Houston Regional Medical Center, the man's pulse returned.

Several Angleton volunteer firefighters have been at the hospital. They said the man volunteers with them.

The man's name was not immediately released.

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