Election Day Bash at the Children's Museum Houston

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It's never too early to learn your rights! Although you might have to wait until you're 18, get in the patriotic spirit now. Stop by the Children's Museum of Houston for activities that will get the family in the voting mood in celebration of Election Day, November 6. Complete with voting ballots and festive voting goodies, the Museum offers you a chance to practice your future civic duty.

• Vote at Kidtropolis City Hall: Watch a debate and vote for your favorite candidate in Kidtropolis, USA.
• Register to Vote!: Learn about the process and requirements to vote. Fill out the registration card at Junktion. The book Duck for President will also be on the table. It's a fun book about the election process.
• Election Buttons: Buttons are a part of a lot of political campaigns. Make a button to remind everyone to rock the vote at Junktion.
• Donkey and Elephant Puppets: Make Donkey and Elephant cartoon puppets to learn about our political party system at Junktion.
• Vote for ME Posters: Use vintage election posters to inspire you to create your own campaign poster for this year's election at the Alexander Art Academy.
• Spin to Win: Who's going to win? Take turns rolling the dice and spinning the appropriate spinner to move your playing piece at the ExxonMobil Math Cart. Is one number better to roll than another? This two-person activity helps to teach concepts relating to data and probability.

Election Day Bash
November 3 – 6, 2012
***Activities, events and times subject to change.