Elderly woman terrorized inside home

3 gunmen tie-up woman, 77, ransack home

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Three armed robbers ransacked a home in the 15,000 block of Brandonwood Court in northwest Harris County.

A 77-year-old woman was home alone when she said three men rang her doorbell. Her husband said she answered thinking it was the yard crew. Instead it was the gunmen, who then tied her up and tried to gag her.

"At some point, they attempted to put something down her mouth to gag her," said Precinct 4 Assistant Chief Mark Herman. "But were unsuccessful and they ended up putting her in a closet."

She managed to get free and to set off her burglar alarm. When the alarm went off, neighbors said the three robbers took off in newer grey sedan parked just down the street.

The victim's husband said the thieves stole all of her jewelry and two guns.

"They went through everything in the house," said the victim's husband, Tom Collins. He told Local 2 that the robbers were "looking for money...took all of the jewelry. The good thing is she's not hurt."

Assistant Chief Herman said it's a good idea not to open the door if you don't know the person.

"It's okay to talk to them through the door. And let them know you're there. But if you're elderly, or a young kid, don't open the door," said Assistant Chief Herman.

Precinct 4 said it has seen an increase in the last year of the "rush-in burglaries." Herman said they usually involve elderly residents.

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