Elderly woman robbed on way to hospital to see dying husband

Surveillance video catches thieves at Valero gas station

By Jonathan Martinez - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Surveillance video shows crooks pulling into a Valero gas station, targeting an 84-year-old woman pumping gas.

Houston Millstead Jr., the victim's son, said, "People that want to do harm and commit crimes are out there."

It happened Wednesday morning as Millstead's mom was on her way to the hospital.

In the surveillance video, the an SUV pulls up, and when the time is right, the people in the vehicle bust out the woman's window and steal her purse.

"Nobody should have to deal with that much pain at one time," Millstead said.

As if having her purse stolen wasn't bad enough, his mom was going to Methodist Hospital for her dying husband.

The family was planning to take him off life support and say goodbye.

"Going through the loss and grief of a husband, father and then have this happen, you can't even describe words," said Millstead.

While the petty crime hit the family hard during a difficult time, they want the next stop for the criminals to be behind bars and for others to be on the lookout.

They're hoping someone watching will recognize the guys or even their getaway car.

"If this information can get out there and prevent it from happening to them, then it's worth it to us," Millstead said.

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