Elderly woman fights to break lease

Chong Cha Chong feels unsafe at her apartment

HOUSTON - An elderly woman said the northwest Houston apartment complex she thought she could trust is now a risk to her safety.

Chong Cha Chong and family members are fighting desperately to get her into a better living situation, but they said the management at the Cypress Creek Apartments has refused to work with them.

About a month after moving into her brand new apartment, the 84 year-old suffered a stroke and is now in fragile health.

Her granddaughter, Lynnda Sheilds, wants her to move out because she doesn't think it's safe for her to live alone.

"She's a fall risk, and once you've had a stroke you can definitely have one again," she said.

Chong signed a one-year lease. Shields claims apartment management wants almost $1,400 to break it. The problem is, Chong is on a fixed income and brings in less than $700 a month from Social Security.

"There's no way. We don't have that money. I even contacted corporate and the response from corporate was, "This is a business,'" Sheilds said.

Local 2 contacted the corporate office and were told management is now working closely with the family on a resolution that will make both parties happy.

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